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Project: Ward's Corner Commercial Development in Norfolk, VA

We performed the breaking and removal of a concrete building pad and asphalt parking lot that encompassed an entire city block.

Over 7,000 tons of recycled concrete and asphalt was crushed, screened, and stockpiled on-site for the customer to re-use as sub-base aggregate.

Cost Savings: Elimination of hauling and disposal; Elimination of importing virgin aggregate for sub-base

Additional Benefits: The recycled aggregates qualify for LEED credits for the project. Our operation produced no excess noise or dust, which was critical, as the project was located at a very busy intersection in downtown Norfolk.


Project: Rock Quarry in Central Virginia

Logan Aggregate Recycling was hired to supplement the quarry’s production capacity at a time of increased demand.

Shot rock was crushed, screened into 5 different products, and stockpiled in the sales area

Cost Savings: Our portable equipment was able to be located closer to shot material, thereby reducing the haul distance and fuel consumption

Additional Benefits: The customer was able to meet the increased demand in sales and maintain customer satisfaction. It was also able to do this in a profitable manner due to the efficient solution that we provided.


Project: Langley Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Norfolk, and Fort Eustis

Over 50,000 tons of concrete from runways, taxiways, and demolished buildings crushed and screened for customers working for the Department of Defense.

Cost Savings: Elimination of disposal fees and virgin aggregate purchase. Tremendous savings in hauling due to eliminating the increased time spent by trucks waiting at security check points.

Additional Benefits: The majority of Federal projects are LEED certified. Our crushing operation at The Army’s Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility at Fort Eustis contributed to the project’s LEED SILVER CERTIFICATION  through the recycling of concrete and scrap metal that was removed from the crushed concrete.



Project: Various Concrete Block Manufacturers in Virginia and Maryland

Over 60,000 Tons of waste block and landscape pavers crushed, screened, and stockpiled for re-use in manufacturing cinder block.

Cost Savings: Elimination of hauling and disposing of waste; Reduction of new aggregate and associated hauling.

Additonal Benefits: The cinder block with recycled content qualifies for LEED credits for the projects it is used on.



These are just a few examples of the unique projects we have performed. We have produced in excess of 1 million tons of recycled material for asphalt manufacturers and concrete recycling facilities.


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